HD Wool® Active Insulation™ is a natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable internal garment insulation for breathable performance and unmatched moisture management


    HD Wool® is lightweight and breathable. Your wool insulated jacket naturally adjusts to your body's thermal and moisture balance, improves perspiration comfort and keeps you drier from the inside.


    Our unrivalled experience in the world of wool places us in a perfect position to identify ETHICALLY grown wool, and provide a TRANSPARENT and TRACEABLE route to the source, giving our customers peace of mind that their wool is shorn from happy sheep!


    HD Wool® insulation is used by the leading outdoor clothing brands worldwide, to create highly resilient, customisable, hard-wearing but light outdoor performance wear.


    Natural, biodegradable wool wadding for breathable performance, resilience and unmatched moisture management.


    HDWool® insulation was developed specifically for energetic outdoor activities, as an alternative to synthetic and down insulation. Whatever the season, however intensive the activity, this exceptionally lightweight insulation layer naturally adjusts to your body's thermal balance, improves perspiration comfort and keeps you drier from the inside.


    The technology of HDWool® is distinctively different from other traditional insulation materials because its main component is our hand-selected WOOL. Our specially-selected wool are complex fibres, composed of proteins that bring natural flexibility and unmatched performance characteristics - something that simplistic inert synthetic fibres are unable to reproduce.


    HDWool® Active Insulation™ was created by the team with almost 130 years of experience in the wool industry. We are strongly positioned globally and strategically within the market, which enables comprehensive management of all areas of the wool supply chain, providing a transparent and traceable route to the source, as well as reflects high standards for farm management and animal welfare.


    HDWool® keeps the cold out, whilst allowing perspiration vapour to escape during exercise and provides a maximum comfort by maintaining a steady body temperature.

    HDWool® Active Insulation


    Wool is naturally hygroscopic. This means that the fibres preferentially pull moisture out of the air until they reach saturation. This can take considerable time because wool can absorb 33% of its own weight of water before it feels damp and allows condensation to take place in the air trapped within garment insulation. Many available insulating materials, such as down or synthetic, are good at keeping cold out, but they fall short when managing the moisture produced by an active body. The difference between synthetics and wool is that wool absorbs condensation, whereas synthetic fibres hold the water on the surface of the fibre, which dramatically reduces the insulation capability of synthetics.

    Howies outdoor jacket


    The human body relies on the evaporation of sweat to remain comfortable and prevent overheating. HDWool® insulation provides a naturally adaptive moisture management. It absorbs moisture from microclimate surrounding your body, keeping humidity down, and allowing you to be warm yet comfortable for longer. When you are not wearing your garment, HDWool® will give up the moisture back to the atmosphere re-charging for your next adventure. Precisely as nature intended!

    HDWool® padding


    HDWool® insulation contains hand-selected, highly resilient wool, that retains superior and longer lasting insulation properties. The natural crimp and resilience in HDWool® maintains shape and performance for much longer than other insulation materials. We’ve combined a little biodegradable polymer into the wool wadding to allow it to be machine washed. No unpleasant chemicals are used in this process, something which we are very proud of.

    HDWool® Icons


    We use our knowledge of and passion for wool to develop nature’s best kept secret into an innovative and effective insulation. Wool offers the most insulation with the least amount of weight. Wool is sustainable, absorbent, washable, flame and odour resistant, as well as an entirely renewable and biodegradable natural product. It can be safely recycled at the end of its life, reducing the environmental pressure.

    HDWool® sheep


    The beauty of working with HDWool® is that we really know the wool industry, and can offer bespoke solutions to suit the supply needs of a wide range of customers in over 75 countries. We’ve been around since 1888, weathered the ups and downs of an inevitably volatile international fibre sourcing industry, and we are still here, doing what we do best. Our team throughout the world is heavily involved in the drive to improve awareness of wool as a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre.

  • HDWool® is biodegradable - it makes a good compost!


    We work with these remarkable active clothing brands to create natural, lightweight, breathable and waterproof outerwear

    Finisterre logo

    FINISTERRE makes quality technical and lifestyle products for those who are passionate about cold water surfing and love the sea.

    Mountain Designs logo

    MOUNTAINDESIGNS equip and inspire you to do what you love – climbing, camping, travelling the world, staying fit, or simply getting from a to b in the urban jungle: MEN’S / WOMEN’S.

    Mazinyi logo

    MAZINYI aims to convey premium luxury snowboarding and outdooring-wear through purposeful technological innovation.

    Howies logo

    HOWIES is an active clothing company that believes in making higher quality, lower impact products for our sports and day-to-day lives.


    HDWool® carding


    HDWool® is the innovations division of H. Dawson Wool, international wool suppliers. Founded in 1888, H. Dawson Wool is a global leader in supply of the finest to the coarsest wool from 35 countries. Our products include noble fibres, greasy wool, scoured wool, wool tops and wool web that are transformed at carefully selected processing partners in strategic global locations. The fourth generation of the Dawson family to run the business leads a highly experienced team, offering bespoke solutions to suit the supply needs of a wide range of customers in over 75 countries. We use our global network to secure a consistent supply of quality wool to be used in the areas of clothing, interiors, soft-furnishings, carpets, environmental, engineering and industrial end uses.

    HDWool® insulation


    At HDWool® we are driven by innovation. Our focus is on the health and wellbeing of the consumer. Our strategic, global footprint places us in a strong position logistically and our experienced, multi-disciplined technical team enables us to comprehensively manage all areas of the wool supply chain. Brands that choose to use HDWool® Active Insulation™ can customise the product depending on their audience. Outdoor clothing manufacturers may choose from a variety of lighter or heavier insulation materials, which provide more year-round options for designers, retailers and consumers. We are a genuine innovator in wool products and have a dynamic outlook whilst retaining the customer focus that has led to our respected global reputation over the last 129 years.


    Whether you’d like to know more about how HDWool® fits into your product or brand, or you’d like to find out more about where to buy products featuring HDWool®, simply use one of the contact methods below and we will aim to respond to you within 24 hours.

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